Opening Near Rajkot - Best for Health
Dudheshwar Natural Health Resort
Dudheshwar Natural Health Resort
Dudheshwar Natural Health Resort
Dudheshwar Natural Health Resort
Dudheshwar Natural Health Resort

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Dudheshwar Natural Health Resort

Dudheshwar Natural Health Resort is promoted by clean tech entrepreneur Nilesh Kachhadia.After starting BN Lights to promote energy efficient LED lights and Standard Solar for clean energy, he is starting Health Resort with the aim to provide Natural Healthcare to people.
It is located about 30 KMs from Rajkot in Valley View near Rajkot – Ahmadabad Highway. It is located in green area with serene surrounding and magnificent views.
It is located in peaceful area and supported by very good infrastructure.
The facility has been designed in consultation with renowned naturopath Dr Jay
Sanghvi and his team at Swas Healthcare. It has well appointed rooms, spacious therapy section, admin block, health restaurant, and other facilities that makes it a well equipped Health Center and ideal choice for all your Natural Health needs.
You are invited to visit and experience it for yourself…

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Natural Treatments

Calmness over anxiety Calmness over anxiety

ayurvedic medicine doesn't heal to hide existence of damage but it heals so that damage no longer controls us.

A Natural Healing A Natural Healing

experience the calmness of the natural environment which being much essential for the peace of mind.

An unruffled experience An unruffled experience

a healthy outside starts from a healthy isn't only a destination,it's a way of a life.feel that thing in a natural way.

Good For Your Health

Improve blood circulation

Improve blood circulation

Stress Reduction & Relife

Simulate the lymphatic system

Simulate the lymphatic system

Carries Away the Body's Waste Products

Relax & feel better

Relax & feel better

Improve Immune System

Protect your overall health

Protect your overall health

Enhance Your Appearance

Cleint Testimonials


We really enjoyed our visit to Dudheshwar Natural Health Resort. The staff are absolutely amazing, efficient and very friendly. We feel very relaxed and healthy which makes heading back to work a lot easier.


Extremely satisfied with the overall experience during my therapy. Very positive environment. Extremely satisfied with the health improvements so far with the treatment that I had. I have certainly gained the knowledge throughout the therapy that will help me in improve my health.


The Dudheshwar Natural Health Resort experience has been very special. The quality of the doctors and therapists is excellent, the rooms comfortable and the yoga sessions an experience in themselves.

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